The photographs and sequences you will see on the following pages are displaying portrays of artist (musicians, philosophers/literary man, actors) which were taken at live events between 1995 and 2004.
The artistic expression and the powerful expressiveness of these people impressed Mechthilde Schwendemann very much.
The photographs try to transport the fascination as well as the intensity of the performing artist – now sensual noticeable – not just visible for the viewer:
You will think that you are listen and feel – nothing looks produced or unreal.
Artistic work of Meggie Schwende-mann is characteristic of drawing ink and pictures of charcoal.


  She is although a great photographer and she applies her special, artistic interests to the black-and-white photo-graphs.

Abstraction and reduction are the essential elements, which are characteristic of the work on paper as well. The play between light and shadow, the disclosure of contrast with shapes and structures are creating charming graphic photograph.
In addition, this should be understood with the original, Greek meaning: The word “photography” means “letters of light”, “drawing out of the light” or “drawing with light”.

The reality of the photographs put up resistance to our usual vision. Our virtual vision is now a day mostly influenced by the virtual and digital

world and this is made so perfect that you cannot figure the artificial light anymore.

The formal realization is equal to the demand of content in which you won’t find any digital treatments of the material. She used for all of her photographs the Delta 3200 ISO from Ilford. The 3200 ISO is the most sensitive black-and-white film that you can buy. The mostly coarse granulation and the blurred support the original, working character of the photographs.

Is this an anachronism- just a nostalgic impulse? – Not at all, because we are in a virtual art exhibition! However, maybe we do need to think back in a world flooded by photographs.

Lioba Meßmer



1993 - 1995

1996 - 1999








born in Steinach (Black Forest), Germany

studies of graphic arts by Uli Falk

studies of “Freie Kunst” by Dietrich Schön
at „Freie Hochschule für Grafik-Design und Bildender Kunst e. V. Freiburg“

publication of photographs with Luchterhand, Munich
for and about Ernst Jandl

art exhibition at the “artgenossen gallery“, Freiburg
art exhibition “Villa Mitscherlich “ Städtische Atelierhaus, Freiburg
art exhibition at Kunstraum Alter Wiehre- Bahnhof, Freiburg

„Freie Wahlen“, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
art exhibition at the Städt. Galerie, Schwarzes Kloster Freiburg

"Faites votre jeu" Altes Dampfbad Baden-Baden

"aqua aqua" Altes Dampfbad Baden-Baden
art exhibition at the Galerie am Kloster Hausach
art exhibition "Flagge zeigen" in the city zone of Baden Baden © Mechthilde Schwendemann / Benjamin Neumann